Our services are backed by our EVIA (Excellence, Value, Independence, Agility) guarantee

With You, Every Step of the Way

Paramenate Systems is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions and services for enterprise content and business process management systems. The Paramenate skill-set spans the initial generation of ideas, strategy creation, producing insights and solutions, business analysis, all the way through to meticulous technical implementation and support.
  1. Vision & Strategy
    No implementation is successful without first a profound vision and strategy
    We believe that any successful implementation has a monumental bearing on a comprehensive vision and strategy. We work with your business and IT units to agnostically envision the future-state of the desired system and then design a strategy to accomplish it.
  2. Business Analysis
    Business driven IT systems yield the highest ROI
    The need for any IT system is generally driven by business-purpose. We work with various functional units within your organization to understand the business needs and workflows for the desired system. This understanding drives our approach towards implementing a system that supports the needs of the user community.
  3. Technical Execution
    Technical implementation using the best of breed gurus
    Technical implementation has always been our forte. We employ some of the top experts in the industry to carry out the technical phase of the projects. Our experts focus on delivering a quality system that fulfills the project objective and is bug-free. Each technical implementation is overseen by a technical leader, who is generally a subject matter expert.
  4. Custom Development
    Making your ideas a reality
    We understand that not all software systems will fit your needs out-of-the-box and that certain functionalities, required by your users, may not be offered. Our technical gurus work on developing custom functionalities and integrations to enhance the software systems.
  5. Support & Program Management
    We develop it and we support it.
    Enterprise IT systems can get complex. We train your business and technical administrators to handle the day-to-day support requirements of the implemented system. However, for issues that may require elevated technical help, we provide support services to ensure that your system stays up and running.